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Che Musica Mi Metto's musicians are available to choose together Your wedding soundtrack and to plan and manage Your favorite music during the ceremony and/or the banquet.

Che Musica Mi Metto comes from Classical Music and with its musicians' style and charm makes every event (convention, ceremony, dinner, etc.) sophisticated.

Che Musica Mi Metto it's not the "usual music" and it offers several ideas to make unique Your party.

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Che musica mi metto (What music should I dress?) derives from a new idea of musical entertainment and accompaniment, which aims at the highest personalization possible of its services, according to the clients’ wishes and needs.


As an old-time tailor shop, Che musica mi metto offers you the chance to get the right size “musical dress” and to choose the style that best suits the occasion. Should our prêt-à-porter solutions fail to satisfy you, you can always have your attire custom made, by combining instruments, styles and repertoires under the wise guidance of the most expert “tailors” in our team.
Talking about people, all the musicians that work for Che musica mi metto are top quality professionals, well-instructed and with years of performing experience both in Italy and abroad.

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